Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bread for friends

Bread for friends, originally uploaded by Lisa Fagg.

Woo hoo! I felt like baking bread today and so I devised an 'excuse' to do this...

I've recently joined a new lab group and the people in the group are real 'foodies'! We eat together at lunchtime and guess what the topic of conversation almost invariably is? Yup! FOOD! We are Chinese, German, Indian, Algerian and African-American and we all love our food. Today I made some bread to share with them.

As usual, I used the 'Bertinet Method' of 'kneading' the bread - but this time the recipe came from Paul Hollywood's book '100 Great Breads'. I chose to make a variant of his 'Sesame Rings' but, instead of coating the bread rings in sesame seeds alone, I coated them in a mixture of sesame, poppy and caraway seeds and rock salt. I wanted bread that would be flavourful enough to be eaten alone, without butter. I'm hoping that the seeds add a lot of interest and flavour to the rings.

I hope my new friends like them!

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Anonymous said...

MMM. Looks tasty.

Have you ever made water bagels? They're just bread rings you boil before baking. My brother used to make them with minced onion in them. I recommend trying that sometime for fun.