Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fig, Prosciutto, Orange and Parmesan

Today we woke up to a glorious Autumn morning - it was sunny and warm... a world away from the weather we'd experienced for most of the so-called Summer. We put together a brunch of prosciutto, orange and parmesan which I had bought presciently on the market the day before. Just to draw a line between the early Autumn and the late Summer mood I was feeling,  I paired the dish with a bright and summery salad of fresh, organic vine tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and basil. The olives were Nicoise olives I'd been saving from our trip to Nice last March.  All of this was accompanied by olive grissini from the shop attached to the new branch of Carluccio's restaurant that recently opened in Cambridge's Grand Arcade.  The prosciutto San Danielle was also bought from Carluccio's; the figs came from the local market.  This was Steve's first experience of fresh figs and as a result he is now as confirmed a fan of them as I am.  

It was a really fresh, lively and tasty way to start my birthday weekend!

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