Sunday, December 02, 2007

Greek Style Octopus Stew

Octopus Stew
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Steve bought an octopus from the Cambridge Market fishmonger on Friday. I have cooked this beast before but wasn't really happy with the results. This time I decided to try something based on a delicious dish I once had at the Eraina Taverna on Free School Lane, off Bene't Street in Cambridge. As is my custom, I looked in several cook books and Googled around until I found what I thought would be the perfect recipe. Using a combination of two main recipes, one for the tenderising technique and the other for the actual ingredients, I was able to produce a very tasty dish very close to my memory of the dish I had in the taverna. We had it with white rice and broccoli although it might have benefitted from a big bowl of Greek salad which would have been more in keeping with its cultural and culinary aspirations!

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