Thursday, May 07, 2009

Roasted Artichoke "roses"

Roasted Artichoke "roses", originally uploaded by Lisa Fagg.

I finally got artichokes in my vegetable box this week and I was quick to try out a simple method of cooking them which I got from the cooking blog "Tamarind and Thyme". They were a doddle to prepare and didn't upset my husband Steve (who can't bear the smell of boiling artichokes!)

As I am an inveterate tinkerer, I couldn't resist embellishing the final effect. Using a sharp knife, I first cut the tops off of the artichokes then cut the tougher outer leaves so that they resembled roses. Then, as per the method I was following, I drizzled them with olive oil before sprinkling with coarse sea salt. Into the hot oven they went and 40 minutes later we had them as a starter, dipping the tender bases of the leaves in home-made vinaigrette.

And the verdict? Well, I found them a little bit dry but that could be attributed to the artichokes themselves which were small - there really wasn't much yield there. I think I'll try the method again but the next time I'll try using bigger, more 'globular' Globe artichokes!
It was fun, though - and Steve was alright with both the smell of the roasting vegetable and the fiddley eating ritual. Two out of 3 ain't bad!

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Su-Lin said...

Maybe the outer leaves prevent the softer parts from drying out? Glad you thought they were fun though!

Cooking Fool said...

Hadn't thought of that! Yeah, could be true - well worth trying again - exactly as before but without the trimming...

Thanks -