Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eggplant and Mozzarella Pizza

Eggplant and Mozeralla Pizza
Originally uploaded by Lisa Fagg
Oh, my! Since I had the dough, I went crazyyyy with pizza too!!!
After a fruitless afternoon of trying to mount shelves in upstairs hallway (we SHALL return...) I turned my hand to pizza. We hadd everything necessary to hand so it was just a matter of warming up the pizza dough ( the remainder of the poolish dough baguettes...) and preparing the sauce and toppings. The organic eggplant was from our weekly vegetable box and the sauce was home-made - we keep mozzarella in the fridge as a 'staple'... Wow! The fermented dough made the absolute best pizza dough we have ever made (or possibly, had!)!!! Fantastic!! I guess there will be other 'weekend projects - which this most certainly was - to come! I'll keep blogging...
xx Lisa


crystal said...

That pizza looks SO good! I'm going to have to try that with the eggplant we got from our CSA share this week. Eggplant Recipe

Cooking Fool said...

Thanks, Crystal! It WAS good! I've wanted to try eggplant pizza for a while and I too had one in my weekly organic vegetable box. Go for it - I doubt you'll regret it!