Sunday, May 11, 2008

Suzuki Amiyaki Soba

Suzuki Amiyaki Soba-2
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Another Saturday night... We shopped on Mill Road - which is becoming a routine thing in our household. First we went to Cho Mee and, Lo!, they had fresh fish! Fantastic. Immediately our minds began to whir. What can we do with a fish? Who cares? Buy the fish - we'll figure it out later... so we did. We also bought a bunch of different Chinese vegetables (Kow Choi, sprouting broccoli) and soba and somen noodles.

Next, we went to Al Amin, the Mediterranean shop, and bought some meat from the Halal butcher there. We got a chicken, a couple of lamb neck steaks, some lamb kidneys and a half dozen Mergaz sausages. There was a mixed grill barbecue in our future... Our last stop was the Korean shop, Seoul Plaza to replenish our supply of Ramen noodles, imported Korean mushrooms, Korean pancake mix, Kimchee and seaweed laver. Nice.

We decided, after a flick through the Wagamama cookbook, to make Suzuki Amniyaki Soba. We started cooking before realising that we'd have to make a teriyaki sauce before we could make the Yaki Soba sauce. No matter. My personal 'saussier' Steve, attended to that duty with his usual finesse.

So, sauce made, it only remained to quickly fry the fish, briefly cook the noodles, sauté the vegetables and, voilá! Dinner, at last!

Bon appetit!

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