Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bertinet Bread

Bertinet Bread
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This evening I baked some rolls using a recipe from Richard Bertinet's book Dough which I bought last week. This is a book that promises to provide countless hours of entertainment!

I started with this, one of the simplest recipes in the book. The tricky part of cooking from this book is that the author asks you to believe that, however wet you think the dough might be, it WILL turn into a 'proper' dough and make a wonderful bread. He's not wrong, of course, but it IS very difficult, indeed, to stay the course. My dough was very wet and sticky but, after about 4 minutes of 'working' it, a transformation took place and I had in my hands some of the most amazingly elastic, pliable dough I have ever touched in my hands. Amazing!

Bertinet Crumb
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Upon opening the oven I saw (before my eyes) the most beautiful buns I have ever made. The crust was golden and tight, the bread itself felt springy and light and, cutting it open after it cooled revealed a beautiful, even crumb. I really enjoyed working this dough and making this bread. I recommend this book very highly!

Happy baking!


Unknown said...

This looks really good. : )
I've sent you and email with a ppt about white Kimchi. I made it myself and I really hope that you'll understand how to make it. : ) Cheers!!

Barney said...

Wow, you're really getting into the bread making! The book sounds good, perhaps I should add it to my collection...

I've got to get round to trying some of these other recipes as well, they all look so delicious, but then you are also a good photographer, have you got a studio in your kitchen?!

Anonymous said...

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