Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Refridgerator Suey"

"Refridgerator Suey"
Originally uploaded by Lisa Fagg.
What to eat after Christmas over-indulgence when you're stuffed full of rich food, meats, cheeses and wine?  Well, I looked through the fridge this evening and came up with a treasure-trove of vegetables to play with.  What better foil for vegetables after troughing at the horn-of-plenty?  I came up with this - noodles with shrimp, snow peas, spring onions, wakame seaweed, bamboo shoots, red (bell) pepper, leek and mushrooms.  It's a good idea, I think, to have a well-balanced larder!  Yin and Yang.  Moderation.  It makes sense, doesn't it?

However,  I managed to get a lot of other stuff in my wok....

Like onion, garlic, soy sauce (light and dark), ginger, white pepper, Chinese cooking wine, ground white pepper, Japanese mirin, and...... lots o' luv! :) It wasn't too bad...

Happy 'Post New Year's day' ;)


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