Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy New Year!

We celebrated the New Year with my long-time friend Joyce. It seems that Joyce had such a good time with us last year that she wanted a 'repeat perfomance' to see 2006 out! This suited us down to the ground because, having had experience trying to share New Year's Eve with several guests, we realise our limitations - we are much better with just one or two people...

Our menu was simple but festive and included escargot in garlic butter (with all the accoutrements!), pan-roasted breast of goose with roast vegetables and roast sweet potato, and home-made lemon sorbet (made by Joyce) for dessert. We enjoyed champagne from Rheims with the escargot and Côte de Rhone with our main course. All in all we three dined royally and had a splendid time together.

May 2007 bring lots of joy, friendship and fellowship to you and your loved ones!


Potameid said...

Mmmm. Those gastropods look awfully gastronomic! :-)

Nightwol said...

The escargots with garlic and parsley butter is getting to be something of a signature appetiser of ours: we've served it to four different sets of guests in the past two months!

Having the specialised serving dishes and eating implements certainly helps to make an occasion of the dish. As does a nice bottle of something sparkling to wash them down.