Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wheelie good fish...

It turned out to be a lovely day today, after all! We were expecting rain and clouds and such and were pleasantly surprised by sunny (but very windy!) weather. We've spent the day on our computers and watching the Tour of Britain on TV. We were hoping to see a snippet of the Tour of Spain on Eurosport but they dropped it out of their schedule - without explanation! Grrrrr!

Hah! It's about 6 hours after I wrote that first paragraph! All of a sudden, I had to go cycling! So I cashed in my raincheck to go cycling with Steve (he asked me earlier in the day and I just didn't feel all that motivated...) and we went out for a very energetic, fast 18 mile ride around. We rode out to Fulbourne then on to Shelford, via the Gog Magogs (!), down to Trumpington and then home via Cherry Hinton. It was just great! Last week's strenuous ride up and around Stortford seems to have been good for me - I'm not as afraid of *pain* as I used to be!

After a rest and a refreshing shower, we set to preparing dinner. It was a doozy - we had a lovely sea bass, roasted in foil with fresh herbs from the garden and lemon juice drizzled with extra virgin olive oil with Chinese water spinach stir-fried in olive oil with loadsa garlic. To round things off, we had a tossed salad of salad greens we grew in the garden and our own home-grown tomatoes!

Just what we needed after a stop and go day. I really feel ready to start the week tomorrow (although I'm pretty sure I'll be out of steam by Wednesday!)...

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