Saturday, April 26, 2008

kai sen udon

kai sen udon
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Another 'noodle post'. This one is a (very) quick and easy dish that we prepared yesterday (Friday) evening. While cycling past Cho Mee, the Chinese Supermarket in Mill Road on my way home, a quick glance told me that they had taken delivery on some fish earlier in the day. Whee! This was exciting news because Cho Mee is one of the few places we can easily get really fresh fish here in Cambridge - at a reasonable price. I popped in and bought a very fresh sea bass and a handful of great-looking tiger prawns. While I was shopping, I tried to justify buying a bunch of razor clams too but failed - and left them where they were.  Maybe next week... Anyway, when we got home I looked in my Wagamama Cookbook (I was in the mood for noodles...) for a suitable recipe. I found this one. As it happens, we didn't have all of the ingredients called for but we were able to improvise with things like Chinese fish balls and spring onions. Remarkably, just few minutes of working together in the kitchen yielded this very tasty and satisfying dish.  I would have been eager to work far harder to achieve this result!  I heartily recommend this recipe (and the book!) to my noodle-loving friends!

I will post the recipe at a later date so 'stay tuned'!

Happy 'slurping'!

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