Sunday, May 04, 2008

Korean Feast

Korean Seasoned Tofu
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Wow! A new cuisine (for me)! Saturday evening we had Clemente and his wife Myunghee over to our house for a Korean meal. Increasingly these days we've been inviting people over to dinner to cook with us. Myunghee and Clemente were really keen to cook a Korean meal for us - and we were more than happy to comply! We arranged to meet them at the Korean Supermarket, Seoul Plaza in Mill Road, to shop for the meal. While choosing the various ingredients that we would need for the meal Myunghee introduced us to many of the exotic foods that I'd only wondered at in previous visits to the shop.

Korean Cucumber Kimchee
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Koreans seem to find uses for more parts of the plants they use for cooking than usual - they eat the stems, leaves, bark and fruit, in many cases. As it happens, Clemente and Myunghee are vegetarians so we had, I think, an opportunity to have a few more dishes on our table than would be the case were we having a 'meat-centric' meal.

We cooked more dishes than I thought we'd be able to do justice to - stirred rice (with aubergine, zucchini, beansprouts and sweet potato stem) and seaweed laver, Korean cabbage kimche, kimchee seasoned pancakes, cucumber kimchee and seasoned tofu. It was all so deliciously different and fresh-tasting. 

I hope to post some of Myunghee's recipes in the near future - with her permission, of course!

Happy cooking!

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