Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mill Road, Cambridge

The setting: Cambridge, England. Weather: Changeable (read: raining off and on). Mood: reflective. We've just come back from our weekly foray in Mill Road; without a doubt the best area in all of Cambridge for ethnic and international foodstuffs. Those of us who live near Mill Road love it and many who live further afield wish they were closer! It serves a bustling, lively and ethnically diverse community with its selection of Chinese, Asian and Middle Eastern grocery stores.

As for restaurants, I think it could be said that there's 'something for everyone' in Mill Road. What are you in the mood for? I've had the best shish kabab ever at Al Kasbah, fabulous Mediterranean food at Café Adriatic and, very good, though variable, 'modern French' cuisine at Bruno's. In the past several weeks in fact, the new Meze bar 196 opened very near us and today I noticed a new cafe!

This has to be the most culinarily interesting and diverse neighbourhood I've ever lived in. Surely the perfect place for me to do what I love best... cooking.

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